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ADVANTUS360 360 broad range of services are well positioned to cover all your cyber defense requirements.
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ADVANTUS360 360 broad range of services are well positioned to cover all your cyber defense requirements.


Account Executive


Benefits Offered:  Vision, Medical, Dental Health Spending Account (Full Time Employee)

Employment Type:  Full-Time Employee

Location: Calgary, AB

Remote Work: Hybrid

Your Role at ADVANTUS360:

We are looking for a community-minded individual that weighs long term relationships equally important as accountability to results. If you are seeking to pave a new path in an area with boundless opportunity and make it your own to satisfy your ambitious side – this role could be a winning possibility for you!


As an Account Executive, you connect people. You manage existing clients, bring in new clients, and work with the team on our business development strategy. It goes without saying that you know how to effectively instigate communication with a variety of personalities; it’s at the core of who you are. People like you, people like talking to you, and people can rely on you to be accountable and do what you say you will do. Your background allows you to identify and simplify complex problems and provide meaningful solutions to our clients. You have a willingness, aptitude, and desire to understand the IT security market. IT or IT security experience in the Oil & Gas, Transportation, Retail/Wholesale, Manufacturing, Utilities and Lotteries & Gaming sectors is an asset.


Being an Account Executive at Advantus360 is an important role. Your relationship with our clients is the core of what makes our team special. We are a company that cares, we are loyal to our clients, and we provide a level of service that sets us apart. You will earn respect from clients and peers by projecting a positive attitude in all you do while being honest and accountable in your position. You will learn as much as you can about your clients by taking a genuine interest in them as individuals and support them in achieving personal and business success.


Success in the Account Executive role requires you to consistently learn about evolving technologies and Advantus360 solutions and how to apply them to solve customer problems. You will be organized and demonstrate the ability to plan and coordinate with your clients and your peers to provide industry leading service. You will be receptive to your manager and peers who can be great resources to provide experience and insight.


Your Responsibilities:

  • Proactive prospecting and networking and scheduling of discovery meetings to find opportunities, build relationships with decision makers and qualify leads.
  • Achieve or exceed monthly territory revenue targets.
  • Manage territory sales expense budget.
  • Work independently in your territory of Alberta to serve clients. Travel expected to clients in Alberta.
  • Successfully build relationships with new and existing clients, vendors, and industry peers.
  • Collaborate remotely with the Advantus360 team in Calgary, Alberta.
  • Understand the Advantus360 resell and services catalogue and collaborate for expansion.
  • Follow established sales process and selling system to effectively qualify and manage opportunities into, through and out of your funnel.
  • Manage opportunities throughout the entire sales process, including:
    • Customer and resell distribution quoting, including margin negotiation.
    • Customer services quotes and contracts in collaboration with clients and fellow team members.
    • Customer proposals and solution suites in collaboration with clients and fellow team members.
  • Educate existing and prospective clients on new offerings to address business problems.


Your Attributes:

Winning Experience

You are no stranger to the type of work, responsibilities, and applied specialized knowledge it takes to be successful in a role in this industry. You have leveraged your strong understanding of market research, sales, and negotiating principles to secure sales of $5 million plus annually in the past 3 years. You are agile and quickly assimilate and analyze data, people, and situations to foster clarity and adapt your approach to be successful. You are driven to know more regardless of the situation and continuously challenge yourself to solve problems and achieve goals. A client might be content with the products and services provided, but that doesn’t stop you. You build on your base by digging deeper into understanding the customer and their business needs. You effectively communicate ideas and solutions in a clear, concise, and professional manner.



Your established client base is loyal to you and respects your input and business acumen to support their success. Your relationships allow you to maximize opportunities others don’t see by supporting your clients to make decisions. You are comfortable with constant change and view everything as an opportunity to build community with others. You strive to make each relationship deeper with the purpose of helping to uncover more ways to serve. You focus on quality with a commitment to go above and beyond and recognize that very small actions can have a big impact to relationships.



You understand how to effectively plan and follow through while holding yourself responsible for the results with unwavering integrity. Your self-discipline propels you to manage effective behaviours consistently to drive results that are tracked in the CRM.



Advantus360 is an IT Security Solutions organization offering professional/managed services and resale of best of breed IT Security solutions. We support organizations seeking to manage rapidly changing technology requirements, growing threats, and an industry short on resources. We pride ourselves on our integrity, continual growth and improvement, and delivering the right solution to our customers. As an equal opportunity employer, our hiring practices ensure that we respect Human Rights and diversity using non-discriminatory recruitment and selection. Advantus360 hires based on “best fit” for the job. Our organization fosters a culture of quality, equality, compassion, and cooperation.

Are you looking to join a team that knows how to provide excellence, encourages growth, and has fun along the way? Then we want to hear from you.