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ADVANTUS360 360 broad range of services are well positioned to cover all your cyber defense requirements.

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ADVANTUS360 360 broad range of services are well positioned to cover all your cyber defense requirements.


Service Coordinator / Project Manager

Benefits Offered:  Vision, Medical, Dental (Full Time Employee)
Employment Type:  Full-Time Employee
Location: Calgary
Remote Work: Option for Hybrid/Flexible (must be resident within Western Canada)


Do you love supporting people in the ever-evolving world of technology? If so, you’re in good company! We’re actively seeking individuals who thrive on orchestrating impeccably organized projects, systems and teams, all aimed at fortifying our clients’ enterprises through top-notch cybersecurity services.

If this resonates with your aspirations, we invite you to become a cornerstone of our mission. Your adept service coordination skills, coupled with your innate ability to connect with people, will play a pivotal role in earning the trust of our clients. As a Service Coordinator and Project Manager, you’ll be at the heart of our efforts to not only bolster our client’s security but also cultivate enduring relationships.

Key Insights About Our Company:

  • Core Values: Our company is rooted in a set of fundamental values: honesty, respect, excellence, the golden rule and curiosity. These values guide our actions and decisions, forming the foundation of our culture.
  • Cultural Pillars: At the heart of our culture lies a sincere commitment to people, ethics, collaboration, humor, trust and accountability. These pillars define the way we interact with our team and with our clients, fostering an environment of mutual respect a growth.
  • Work-Life Balance: We understand that our team members have lives beyond the workplace. We wholeheartedly believe in a work-life balance. This perspective underpins our approach to scheduling and operational expectations.
  • Innovation Welcomed: We actively encourage our team members to contribute their ideas for enhancing our service offerings. We recognize that fresh perspectives are vital to continuous improvement and maintaining our competitive edge.
  • Hybrid Culture: Our hybrid work approach blends remote and in-office settings. We emphasize accountability, recognizing that it’s crucial, regardless of where our team members work.
  • Top Performer Mindset: As a small yet dynamic company, each team member’s contribution is vital. Striving for top-tier performance isn’t just about meeting expectations – its about feeling fulfilled and proud of your work.

Required Experience:

  • Customer Service experience, ideally within a domain of technical services or products.
  • Proficiency in MS Outlook & Teams to drive effective scheduling and communication.
  • Proficiency in MS PowerPoint & Word to prepare deliverables, reports and presentations.

Beneficial Experience:

  • Experience with ticketing software, or proven ability to learn a new system.
  • Experience with a project management software, or proven ability to learn a new system.
  • Autotask experience would be beneficial.

As a Service Coordinator, you will ensure we put our best foot forward with our managed services clients every day.  As the primary point of contact you will ensure our client’s requests are understood and routed to the correct team member. You won’t hesitate to reach out to our clients by picking up the phone and giving them a call. When required, you’ll ensure client requests are re-assigned to other team members to ensure a true team approach while delivering a consistent level of excellence. You will have the opportunity to connect with each of our clients and shape our growth as you lead our recurring service review sessions.


Your Roles & Responsibilities as Service Coordinator at ADVANTUS360:

  • Service Desk Scoping & New Business
    • Provide insight to sales team on service desk capacity.
    • Assist our sales team as required with quotes, proposal or meetings with prospects.
    • Manage internal sales-support tickets and requests.
  • Service Desk Delivery
    • Lead Service Onboarding calls and manage action items.
    • Manage all new and open client requests (tickets)
      • Primary intake point for client requests via phone or email
      • Continuous review of the service desk dashboard for ongoing triage
      • Manage all open tickets to meet SLA goals and other guidelines
    • Assign & Schedule client requests (tickets)
      • Single point of coordination for assigning and scheduling technical resources
      • Ensure all client information required is listed in the ticket
      • Collaborate with internal teams & clients to schedule time-sensitive work (service calls)
    • Lead service review meetings
  • Operational Routines specific to Service Desk:
    • Weekly Timesheet approvals & posting of hours for the service desk team.
    • Weekly review of completed tickets.
    • Maintain/update client contacts
    • Monthly summary of all items to invoice and retainer adjustments.

As a Project Manager, you will play a pivotal role in driving the success of our professional services projects from kickoff to completion. You will promote team discussion and ask all the questions you need during weekly or bi-weekly project touchpoints. You will ensure the project is ‘on-track’ and communicate any risks or issues early so action can be taken. As a billable team member on our professional services team, you may also address specific project management deliverables requested by our clients. Once a successful project has been completed you will ensure we take the time to connect with our client to close the project capture their feedback and share with our greater team.


Your Roles & Responsibilities as Project Manager at ADVANTUS360:

  • Project Scoping & New Business
    • Provide insight to sales team on professional services team member’s capacity.
    • Assist our sales team as required with quotes, proposals or meetings with prospects.
    • Assist the professional services team in drafting proposal projects.
    • Review proposal projects created by professional services team.
    • Manage internal sales-support tickets and requests.
  • Project Delivery
    • Lead project kickoff call and capture key meeting notes. Following up on action items as required.
    • Lead/attend weekly or bi-weekly client status meeting. Ensure basic status is captured along with any issues or action items which need follow up. Ensure project scope and costs are managed.
    • Lead project close review and capture key meeting notes. Ensure post-project action items are completed. Schedule any internal follow-ons that are required.
    • Complete any specific client deliverables as outlined in our projects as a billable resource.
  • Operational Routines specific to Professional Services.
    • Weekly Timesheet approvals & posting of hours for the professional services team.
    • Weekly Approve & Post of billable hours, project milestones and project retainer purchases.
    • Monthly summary of all items to invoice and retainer adjustments.

About ADVANTUS360:

Advantus360 is an IT Security Solutions organization offering professional/managed services and resale of best of breed IT Security solutions. We support organizations seeking to manage rapidly changing technology requirements, growing threats, and an industry short on resources. We pride ourselves on our integrity, continual growth and improvement, and delivering the right solution to our customers. As an equal opportunity employer, our hiring practices ensure that we respect Human Rights and diversity using non-discriminatory recruitment and selection. Advantus360 hires based on “best fit” for the job. Our organization fosters a culture of quality, equality, compassion, and cooperation.

Are you looking to join a team that knows how to provide excellence, encourages growth, and has fun along the way? Then we want to hear from you.