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ADVANTUS360 360 broad range of services are well positioned to cover all your cyber defense requirements.
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ADVANTUS360 360 broad range of services are well positioned to cover all your cyber defense requirements.

Success Happens Because of Committed People

We may work in the world of technology, but we are a people-first company. In all our partnerships, we always include the “human factor” as part of our solutions. Below are the people we are proud to have as part of the ADVANTUS360 DNA.

Caring doesn’t start with technology. It starts with our people. We are a mighty team of individuals who build long-term relationships by delivering the security that’s truly needed based on your business. Meet the individuals who build this security for your organization.

Regan Herbst

Account Executive

Regan Herbst is an Account Executive and Sales Team Lead at ADVANTUS360. With over 25 years of experience helping organizations maximize the use of security and networking technology, Regan is the go-to for business leadership, marketing, vision, and strategy. Helping clients protect critical digital assets and fostering strategic objectives is Regan’s passion. With a Bachelor of Commerce and 20+ years in designing and deploying technical solutions, Regan’s synergized approach assists our clients to achieve both business and technical goals. Things you’ll want to know about Regan beyond his IT passion are that he:

  • Is an enthusiastic drummer with an affinity for rock n’ roll and heavy metal
  • Loves to hit the slopes to snowboard
  • Has a keen interest in cars and auto racing
Regan Herbst Headshot

Stefan Herbst

General Manager

Stefan Herbst is the General Manager at ADVANTUS360. Stefan collaboratively leads the team providing applied assistance throughout the organization. Stefan’s entrepreneurial spirit and vision support our business functions; assisting our organization in maintaining quality relationships with clients, motivating and mentoring staff through empowerment and thoughtful leadership, continual improvement, and ensuring sustainability to achieve business objectives. Stefan’s strong problem-solving, strategic planning, delegation, and communication skills are a great asset to support the team to excel in outcome-driven productivity. With more than 15 years of experience in IT technology and strategy, Stefan effectively utilizes his expertise to stand behind the team to support leading IT professional services. Prior to his role at ADVANTUS360, Stefan spent several years in security operations & architecture roles before migrating to leading his own practice for a wide variety of customers throughout North America. A few interesting tidbits about Stefan include that he:

  • Worked in recording studios and live audio before pivoting into IT & Cybersecurity
  • Completed one of the first Palo Alto installations in Western Canada
  • Avid runner, continually pushing into new ultra-running distances
  • Proud father of two young boys
Stefan Herbst

Paul Teixeira

Sr. IT Security Engineer & Practice Lead

Paul Teixeira is a Sr. IT Security Engineer & Practice Lead for the Service Delivery team. Paul leads and contributes to the master processes for all services. He is the go-to for programming and automation. As an exceptional problem solver, he brings a huge advantage to our customers, which allows him to be successful in complex and dynamic environments. Prior to his role at ADVANTUS360, Paul was actively involved in application development and malware forensics. Paul has his Object-Oriented Software Development certificate, holds Palo Alto Networks PCNSE & PCNSC certifications, and has a strong knowledge base in Public Cloud & Palo Alto Networks experience. Over and above his expertise that he uses for our clients, Paul:

  • Has been programming since he was 12 years young
  • Was a competitor in the Alberta Winter Games in Archery
  • Dabbles in algorithmic trading, cryptocurrencies, and machine learning
Paul Teixeira

Muhammad Azeem

Sr. IT Security Engineer & Practice Lead

Muhammad Azeem is a Sr. IT Security Engineer & Practice Lead for the Service Delivery team. Muhammad leads and contributes to the master processes for all services and is the go-to for Networking/Infrastructure, Next Generation Firewall (NGFW) & Public Cloud. With over 20 years of experience in the IT industry, Muhammad has gained extensive experience in large complex environments. He is well respected for his exceptional technical aptitude and consistently demonstrates service excellence. Prior to his role at Advantus360, Muhammad was actively involved in large enterprise security architecture & design. He is proud to have his Cisco CCIE-Security, CheckPoint CCSA, Juniper JNCIS-ENT, and Palo Alto Networks PCNSE advanced certifications. Outside of Advantus360, he:

  • Has – and always will have – a lifelong love for playing soccer
  • Grew up in Dubai, but can’t stand temperatures over 30 degrees
  • Is still seeking the ultimate roller coaster!
team azeem

Jawad Faddoul

Sr. IT Security Engineer

Jawad Faddoul is an IT Security Consulting Engineer for the Service Delivery team. Jawad has over 15 years of experience in the IT Security industry. He has remarkable task management capabilities along with a good understanding of high-level goals. This allows him to attend to various customers’ needs while ensuring the initiative is on track and successful. Prior to his role at  Advantus360, Jawad spent several years at a managed security services provider. Throughout his career, he has worked as a system/network engineer and then as a solution architect consultant for a major telecom and data center service provider. Jawad has a Master’s in Engineering, holds Palo Alto Networks PCNSE & PCNSC certifications, and has six years of extensive Palo Alto experience. Jawad would like you to know that:

  • He only makes girls, having three daughters!
  • He once knew every country, capital, and flag by age of 5, but now only remembers a handful of them
  • He enjoys the outdoors and loves being active
Jawad Faddoul

Jason Ochman

Account Manager
Jason Ochman is an Account Manager at ADVANTUS360 where he plays an essential role in representing who we are and what we stand for as a company. His strong communication skills, curious nature, and quest for fit drives him to deliver the right outcomes for our clients. Having worked in a variety of industries from forestry to oilfield to hospitality and environmental services, Jason brings a unique perspective on what cybersecurity might mean to individuals at different types of organizations. The prospect of getting to apply an “always-learning” mindset towards helping clients find the right cybersecurity fit for them and their organization is what excites Jason the most about joining ADVANTUS360 and growing within the cybersecurity space. Things you’ll want to know about Jason beyond his passion for customer success are that he:
  • Is an avid golfer who loves to do business on “the course”
  • Appreciates fine cuisine and preparing a tasty meal
  • Has a keen interest in many sports including NHL, MLB and Formula One
  • Loves to read and is a history buff
Jason Ochman Headshot

Nathaniel Schoettle

Managed Services Analyst

Nathaniel Schoettle is a Managed Services Analyst at ADVANTUS360, acting as first response and problem solver for our clients. Here, he plays an integral role in representing ADVANTUS360 and engaging other team members when required. His curious nature and background in troubleshooting as a technical specialist have him constantly looking to improve outcomes for our clients. Nathaniel loves learning about the different possibilities of threats in this evolving industry. Even more, he is committed to preventing these threats from happening and is focused on how to best protect our clients through his solution-finding mindset. A few tidbits about Nathaniel outside of his ADVANTUS360 role include that he:

  • Is a car guy, particularly the Volkswagen Audi where he participates in local VW Audi events
  • Built his first PC when he was 12, where he knew technology would be his career path
  • Is a bit Formula One fan
  • Loves games that involve teams (online Final Fantasy 14; in person Dungeons and Dragons).
Nathaniel Schoettle

Cristina Harrison

Service Coordinator / Project Manager

Cristina Harrison uses her wealth of experience to wear dual hats at ADVANTUS360 as both Service Coordinator and Project Manager. Here, she combines her passion for success with a commitment to continuous improvement in our service delivery. A genuine professional, she cultivates strong relationships with clients serving as a main point of contact to ensure seamless communication and understanding throughout the project and support service lifecycle and beyond. She accomplishes this by blending her expertise, excellent communication skills, and attention to detail. Interestingly, Cristina majored in Electrical Engineering/Power Generation but found her calling as a Project Manager when she realized she enjoyed working directly with people more than with turbines and cooling towers. Since then, she’s been featured on the front page of the Calgary Herald in a feature that showcased successful professional immigrants along with her volunteer work with the Calgary Immigration Society’s Professional Immigrants program. Get to know a bit more about her with these three facts. Cristina:

  • Knows how to make the best cabbage rolls.
  • Is fluent in both Romanian and English and can read and watch TV in French.
  • Is a passionate Whovian, a lover of fantasy and science fiction, with a soft spot for time travel stories.
  • Has been to 9/10 Canadian Provinces. 
Cristina Harrison

Caitlin Lennox

Operations Specialist

Caitlin Lennox is the Operations Specialist at ADVANTUS360, managing the flow of the workplace and optimizing day-to-day activities. Caitlin plays an integral role in the success of ADVANTUS360 and client satisfaction, through monitoring and improving business operations and identifying customer needs in order to bring the two closer together. They bring a can-do attitude, excellent attention to detail, and the ability to juggle many things while under pressure. This allows them to quickly and effectively drive issues to resolution and processes to execution. Prior to their role at ADVANTUS360, Caitlin spent several years in roles entailing a variety of Business Administration functions as well as Marketing & Communications. They hold a Bachelor of Business Administration with a Major in Marketing, a Marketing Management Diploma, and Human Resources Certificate from Mount Royal University. When not keeping us organized, they:

  • Love getting out of the city and going hiking and camping with their family
  • Is an avid reader of books, with a voracious appetite for fantastic tales
  • Delights in creating and crafting and is currently learning how to create stained glass creations
Caitlin Lennox 2

Marci Herbst

Finance & Legal

Marci Herbst leads all legal and financial aspects of the organization. She has exceptional attention to detail, as well as a sharp mind for numbers and information. Advising the ADVANTUS360  team on strategic financial decisions and planning, Marci gets things done and is suitably nicknamed “The Hammer.” She attended the “School of Life”, gaining vast experience in both the insurance and financial planning industry, specializing in accounting and finance for over 25 years. Other than keeping us on our toes and in line with the details, she:

  • Has a special talent for logistics and packing…including a talent for packing a camping trailer for 4 people, 2 horses, 2 dogs, 2 cats and a bird!!
  • Loves horses, fulfilling her childhood dream of Barrel Racing
  • Is a very talented painter, having completed several large murals
Marci Herbst

Are you looking to join a team that knows how to provide excellence, encourages growth, and has fun along the way? Then we want to hear from you.