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ADVANTUS360 360 broad range of services are well positioned to cover all your cyber defense requirements.
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ADVANTUS360 360 broad range of services are well positioned to cover all your cyber defense requirements.

The Roadmap for Sustainable Cyber Security Solutions


What’s the most important thing you want and need in a business partner?

This is one of the first questions we ask when we initially meet. It’s really the only way to know if we’re the right ones to support you and your business. Plain and simple – you talk, and we listen. This is necessary to develop the right service solution for your unique needs. Your answers allow us to provide insight into how your security can grow with your business. It’s this conversation where, together, we can

  • Remove uncertainty and build confidence in scalable and repeatable solutions.
  • Discover where you need predictability in the unpredictable world of cybersecurity.
  • Gain deeper clarity of your real vulnerabilities to deliver real solutions.
  • Connect the risk gaps between business sustainability and cybersecurity architecture.
  • Create action to take the right next steps for your path forward.



The ADVANTUS 360 Approach?

Of course, we do have a framework for our approach when designing your customized solution, which we’ve broken down into four key areas: Discover, Design, Deliver, Drive Forward


This is the beginning of our journey. The question-and-answer portion to gain full clarity. Here, we assess your primary needs for risk reduction, incident preparation and response development, operational efficiencies, and business enablement. This is how we identify the breadth and type of technical expertise, software, and processes required. Areas we often uncover for security development involve:

  • Solutions that enhance your current business and IT infrastructure.
  • Identifying a high-level security structure that protects you and your customers.
  • Designing a user-focused approach and training for easy implementation of the new system.

This is what we consider flexible and responsive engagement that adapts solutions based on your project and overall operational needs.


Once discovery is complete, we move into designing your solution. This can be as simple as providing access to a product from one of our vetted partners  or an in-depth top to bottom design and management of a custom solution. This solution is the road map for security implementation and execution.

Within the design, we ensure our collaboration to bridge gaps in skill sets to achieve the objectives of your specific project. Included in our designs is a focus on:

  • Protecting your business brand.
  • Ensuring we are a genuine fit with skills and personality.
  • Managing threats before they happen.
  • Disrupting any attacks to avoid information loss.
  • Adapting with a quick response as needed.


Armed with the right solution and road map for how to implement, we’re ready to deliver on promised solutions. Whether we’re completing the entirety of the project, or seamlessly integrating into your own team, what remains consistent is the delivery of quality execution, excellence in service, and dedication to building our relationship.

Throughout our service delivery, we hold ourselves to providing an exceptional experience. One where we properly connect your people to the technology for a deeper understanding of how your business is secured online.

Drive Forward

The completion of a project is just the beginning. The cybersecurity industry is constantly evolving, and you need a reliable partner committed to evolving with the technology. Here, we strive to add long-term value of the delivered solution by ensuring it remains valid as technology evolves. There is no finish line when it comes to security, and you deserve a dedicated team committed to ongoing cybersecurity adaptation and readiness. This is how we can support you to drive your organization’s vision forward in the ever-changing technology industry.

Through our approach, we’re able to leverage industry best practices, platforms, and solutions to achieve cybersecurity effectiveness as the technology – and your business – evolves.


“We had complex problems to solve in our health care environment and like so many technology shops these days, we needed to implement new technologies with a minimum of impact to our clients while using a minimum of resources. The consultant we were looking for had to be more than just an expert at complex technologies, they needed to be a wizard and transform themselves into one of the team so they could quickly come to grips with the unique needs of our enterprise and integrate themselves seamlessly into our design and implementation process. In short, we needed a partner, a colleague, and we needed them yesterday. Unlike any other consultant we’ve ever worked with, ADVANTUS360 knew the right questions to ask to make sure they got the job done our way, supported with their expert guidance, and documented in a thorough and professional manner. Two thumbs up.” – Sunrise Health Region